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Frequently Asked Questions.
What is Fameroll?
Fameroll is a web-based platform that gives you the opportunity to get in touch with your idols and at the same time give support to very important charity causes. Through its website or App, you can reach out to your favorite celebrities and buy yourself or give as a gift to someone a personalized video message from them (a greeting; a message of encouragement, a birthday wish, a congratulations video message or the craziest marriage proposal ever! Who knows…?!).

How does it work?
Purchasing a video is super easy: choose from our list which celebrity you would like to contact and send your request in just a few clicks. Remember to specify useful information for your customized video message and tell us something about the recipient and for what occasion. By doing so, you will then help the celebrity, when recording it, to make it an unforgettable gift.

How much does it cost?
Downloading and subscribing to the App is totally free.
Remember that our main goal is to help our charity partners in collecting funds for their honorable causes and for this reason all the purchases made on our web-based platform will contribute to sustain important charity projects. Once you subscribe, you can proceed to purchase the video message. The price may vary from celebrity to celebrity for various reasons, the main one depending on the number of requests that a celebrity is prepared to answer periodically. The price of each video will be established between our staff and each celebrity to give you the opportunity to get in contact with your favorite stars via Fameroll at a good, clear and fixed price for everyone.

By purchasing a video, do I really help Non-Profit Organizations and Charity Foundations?
Absolutely! None of the celebrities enlisted in Fameroll will make any profit from selling customized video messages. When you purchase a video, 80% of the net sales will go directly to charity while we detract a 20% fee to maintain and improve our web-based platform, to invest in marketing and to be able to offer our customers an excellent customer service.
On our website and on our social media networks, you will find updates on our progress, the achievements we’ve made and the charity projects that we are supporting, thanks to your contribution.

Who are Fameroll’s charity partners?
We partner exclusively with extremely qualified local and international charities, carefully selecting the projects that we want to support. We also give the opportunity to the celebrities enlisted to suggest charities and humanitarian causes that are dear to their heart and before deciding on a partnership with any of them, we will do a careful and detailed review first.

When and how do I receive the video message?
You’ll receive the video directly on your smartphone via our App, you will then be able to download it and send it or share it on your social networks. When you send the request to the celebrity, you will be able to pick the date on which you would like to receive the video message. Our celebrities will try for sure to complete the video as soon as possible but due to the numerous professional commitments they have, we advise you not to send a request too close to the set date as they may not have enough time to process it. Therefore, bearing that in mind, we would ask you to ensure that your request is sent at least one week in advance. So, the bottom line is, please plan ahead!

What happens if I don’t receive the video by my set deadline?
If the celebrity you have picked isn’t able to respond by the date you’ve indicated, you have two options. Via an update alert on Fameroll, you can decide whether to give the celebrity more time to record the video or you can simply let the request drop and get a refund.

What happens if my request gets declined?
Once it’s sent, the celebrity will be notified of your request and it’s up to him/her to decide whether to accept and register the video or not.
All of the celebrities on our portal will love to get in touch with you and to make your wishes come true in a safe and fun way but in order to avoid the risk of your request getting rejected, we would advise you to refrain from sending any requests they might feel uncomfortable about. In the event your request is declined or never delivered, you will be immediately refunded without any additional costs.

What does it mean when the celebrity is SOLD OUT?
Everyday our celebrities have a very busy agenda, they could be on a world tour, recording a TV show or have a very intense training schedule. For this very reason, at certain times they might only be able to make a limited number of video messages and once they’ve reached the maximum amount, they are Sold Out.
In any case don’t worry, with a simple click you can activate the updates from the App and receive a notification once new video messages of your favorite personality are available again.

Why should I purchase a video on Fameroll?
Simply because you could make your wish, or one of your loved ones, come true!
Think of your daughter and the joy in her eyes if she were to receive birthday wishes from her favorite singer; how much it would mean to your boyfriend if he were to receive a pep talk from his favorite athlete before an important game; the laughter of a bunch of your friends at a graduation party thanks to the video message you’ve receive from the idol you’ve always followed ever since you were a kid and the emotional surprise on your parents faces when they receive best wishes for their anniversary from the artist of the song that made them fall in love...
With Fameroll, you can make people happy by doing a good deed as well.

Who are the celebrities on Fameroll I can request a video from?
On our portal you can find athletes, web stars, TV celebrities, your favorite singers and many more! Search through the categories of our App to see all the celebrities involved and stay updated through the designated section on the new celebrities enlisted.
We are always looking for new Famerollers, so if there are any celebrities you would like to see on our platform, please write to and we will do our best to include them in our community!

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